A Letter From Hunt Investment Group

Welcome to the Hunt Investment Group website, where you will find information regarding every aspect of our organization—what we do and where we invest; our mission, core values and leadership; as well as the latest news relating to our corporate activities. You can also read about Hunt's other operations throughout the world and our commitment to both the environment and the communities in which we operate.

Hunt Investment is building a world-class diversified portfolio of hedge funds, private investment funds and select direct investments with a focus on investments that are uncorrelated to the activities of the other Hunt Consolidated operating entities. At Hunt Investment, we recognize the importance of long-term partnerships, and we seek to invest with managers intending to create sustainable long-term value, with definable liquidity horizons. We also seek managers with potential synergies to the entire Hunt organization, as this element is particularly important to our portfolio construction.

At Hunt Investment, we understand that world-class managers give us access to various asset classes and investment strategies that otherwise would be difficult or impractical for us to source on a direct basis. These asset classes are intended to capture returns that significantly exceed appropriate benchmarks. We also seek managers with a willingness to grow with us as we scale our investments over time. We intend to develop in-depth relationships with our managers such that our capital is not our only contribution to their success.

We encourage you to review our website, read about our investment strategy and learn more about what we do. You'll find that we are in many ways unique, with philosophies that combine old-fashioned principles with modern thinking and technology. It is this varied mix of virtue and ingenuity that will enable us to continue to be a leader in manager selection and portfolio construction.


Hunt Investment Group has access to the people, operations and business support provided by Hunt Consolidated, Inc.